Newborn in Nyhavn...

This gorgeous family contacted me about a month before their precious baby girl was due.  Little did I know that on the day of their shoot it was only two weeks before they relocated back to the US.  A new baby, a toddler and a continental move.  Such brave people.

Newborn in Nyhavn_©RochelleCoote-6.JPG

Herewith a few of my favourites from a morning together.  Their apartment was in Nyhavn and we took a stroll in the local area at the end. 


When Barbera and I started to talk about a location for their family photoshoot, she mentioned that her girls love Nørrebro parken.  I ended up doing a bit of scouting and suggested Superkilen instead.  This family was so much fun, and I had the best morning hanging out with them.  Here are some of my favourites.

Kristen and Jacob's romantic Copenhagen elopement...

Kristen is originally from Tennessee in the US and Jacob from Berlin, Germany. Jacob used to be an exchange student in the US and they met by chance through a mutual friend. After trying a long distance relationship, Kristen moved to Berlin as an au-pair at first and later as a teacher to be with Jacob.  Finally they tied the knot with an intimate elopement in Copenhagen and I was honored to follow them around on their special day.

Jacob's mum and siblings joined them for the day and it was wonderful seeing their love and connection as a family.  

Kristen's family watched the ceremony online.  

Kristen's beautiful bouquet was done by Cool and Cozy.

Kristen and Jabob, I wish you a lifetime of happiness together, thank you for entrusting me to capture your special moment. :)   

Lets Yoga....Company Branding.

At the start of summer I met with the lovely Johanna from Lets Yoga to capture some images for branding her new Yoga studio and classes.  Orginally Swedish, Johanna lived in the UK with her English husband and children before relocating to Denmark. After running her own Yoga school in England she has now opened a studio in her home in Gentofte.

I really love the images we were able to create and I think she has done a wonderful job with her new website. If you would like to collaborate and need some professional images or company branding images, please don't hesitate to be in touch via the contact page.

Mesker-Scheepers Tribe....a beach shoot.

Ricco and I have known each other for a number of years now, and when we first met it just so happened that my camera had been stolen.  He took pity on me and being of a generous nature, simply came round with his spare DSLR and said just use it! After six months I bought a new camera, returned his and as sometimes happens in life we lost touch.  Needless to say, I was delighted when he recently got in touch asking me to photograph him with his new precious family.  Here are my favourites from a delightful morning spent with them on Sletten Beach.  I always love the light by the ocean.

Kamala turns one....

You might remember Kamala, I photographed her towards the end of last year.  Well she has since turned one and I was invited back to photograph her very first birthday.  There was cake to enjoy and she was adorable, as always.  I will let the images tell her birthday story. 

New York to Copenhagen....

Anna and her family visited Denmark in June and contacted me ahead of time to photograph their little family with a backdrop of Copenhagen.  We wandered some streets in Christianshavn and here are my favourites from the shoot.  Maxine was adorable to say the least. :)

Capturing a photographer and her family....

Gemma, like me, is a lifestyle and children's photographer.  I have followed her on Instagram for a long time and wanted her to capture me with my family.  As a family and lifestyle photographer myself, I believe family portraits are a valuable investment, and wanted a professional to do the job. :)  In my opinion capturing family life, especially the early years, is a treasure children will thank their parents for one day.  

She not only photographed me and my clan, but in the end I captured her and her precious family too.  As they were heading back to Australia after 3 years in Denmark, it was the perfect opportunity for me to capture a little slice of their family life in Copenhagen.

Gemma used to be a Botanist before turning to photography as a profession, hence she wanted some portraits at the Botanical Gardens.  It proved to be a really sunny day and we made use of lots of shade and green spaces.  Gemma and I connected so much and ended up meeting each other rather a few times before their move.  I am happy to say I made a lovely photographer friend, but truly sad that they will now be living on the opposite side of the world.  We have vowed to keep in touch.  

The afternoon ended with an early dinner at one of Copenhagen's cozy pizza restaurants.  I also snapped a few professional images for Gemma.  

Australia you are getting a true Gem of a Child Photographer.  Pun intended. ;)  Gemma you will truly be missed, by me and all your loyal customers here in Copenhagen. :)  Wishing you and your gorgeous family all the best for the future with many adventures. :)

Kosmos and love is all you need....

Earlier this year I did a couple shoot in South Africa for my nephew and his girlfriend.  Kosmos is one of my favourite South African wildflowers and we got to wander along a path where we could pick some and make them part of our session.  

These two were so lovely and in love...

From Berlin with love....

At the end of last year I captured a sweet couple eloping.  Originally from Istanbul, they now reside in Berlin and came to Copenhagen to get married.  Their two best friends accompanied them, as did I, capturing some precious memories from the day.  

Schalekamp family....South Africa

As some of you may already know, I was in South Africa recently to say goodbye to my brother at his memorial service.  During my stay I visited my nephew on the farm where he lives and works.  There I got to meet and photograph the Schalekamp family on their family farm.  I love photographing little children as they are so honest and real.  Editing these last week made me smile and was just the antidote I needed to get my focus back on work again.  Here are my favourites from an early morning, and I mean early morning shoot. ;)

Welcoming Naomi...

In November last year I got to meet Naomi for the first time.  She was 5 weeks old and simply precious. You might remember her family that I photographed last summer when Vishu was expecting her.  Her sister Tabitha is such a loving, doting older sister.  It was such a privilege to be invited to their home during this special time. Here are some of my favourites from the day.

And of course, all older sisters want to play dress up. 

Happy New Year.....2016 through my lens.

I cannot believe it is the 8th of January already and that we actually really are in 2017!  It would seem that 2016 went by in a flash.  I wanted to share some of my favourite images from 2016, it was tough deciding which would make the cut and by no means could I include all my favourites. The year also ended with me capturing yet another elopement and an intimate wedding on the last day of the year.  I want to thank each one of you who entrusted me with some very special memories and moments in your life.    I have met so many wonderful families and people who have opened their homes and hearts to me. I've held infants and babies, giggled with families, chased toddlers, congratulated brides and grooms, met inspiring artists, scientists and even a wine maker not to mention photographing a cookbook for the very first time. I am grateful to each and every one of you who made these images possible. There are personal and travel images in here too, because I couldn't exclude the 3 most important guys in my life. 2016 has been an amazing year for me as a photographer, looking back at it I realised just how many hours I spent behind the lens and my screen, but I'm not complaining.  I am also very grateful to my family who indulged me every time I needed a model, and supported me when I had deadlines with endless editing and being ok with sometimes eating toasted sandwiches and green smoothies for dinner. So here's to the new year, I wish you all a prosperous and wonderful 2017, and hope to see some of you behind my lens....   


I met Deepa, Vidya and Kamala at their home one Autumn afternoon in November and it was such a joy photographing them.  Here are some of my favourites from the shoot.

Kamala was just short of 5 months on this shoot and she is such a cutie, as you can see for yourself.

And in true Indian hospitality my afternoon ended with some sweet Indian tea and a delicious homemade snack.  Thank you Deepa, Vidya and Kamala.





En Vin....a cookbook project.

I started working on this project back in May this year and I received a copy of the book last week. It still feels a bit surreal seeing my photographs in print in an actual cookbook.  Here is a little sneak peak into what you can expect to see inside.

I met the author Cecilie through 'Vin med Hjerte', a non-profit organisation that sells South African wine to help provide water in Africa, where I am also the in-house photographer.  Cecilie is an office manager by day, with a Bachelor in Science and Engineering, and a foodie and oenophile in her free time.  She is also the blogger behind Madentusiasten and it has been a dream of hers to publish a book for 'madnørde' or in English, food nerds, as she calls it.  

It was a fun and at times a challenging project.  The entire cookbook was shot at Cecilie's home in Vangede.  Cecilie would cook and prepare the food and I would set up my gear and check for the best positions for light.  Afterwards we would decide together on props and styling and then I would get to work on taking the images. Her knowledge about wine and the flavours and scents that go along with it really impressed me.  The talented Anne Skouboe was responsible for the graphic art and she worked with Cecilie on the layout.

When I first met Cecilie at her home, to see if it would be suitable for shooting, I noticed a large wine barrel in the garden housing the gutters. When I mentioned it might be a good prop, Cecilie said her neighbour makes them, and so our first prop was chosen.  It ended up taking centre stage as the cover image for the book.  The images on the barrel above never made it into the book but they remain some of my favourites from the project.

Cecilie's portraits were taken in the summer.  On the day of this shoot it started to bucket down with rain and we ended up seeking shelter in the garden shed. There was a moment where the rain stopped for a second and we ran into the sun-room.  We had to wait about an hour before we could continue, needless to say a few glasses of champagne were consumed.  In the end the result from the rain and beautiful summer evening light made for beautiful illuminated portraits.

If you love wine and food and always wanted a three course menu to go along with your wine, then perhaps this book is just for you. Next week Tuesday the 22nd of November the book will be launched at BØF in Copenhagen where you can meet the author and have her sign your copy.  I hope to see you there.


Artur and Heike's wedding celebration, Düsseldorf....

Earlier this year I captured Artur and Heike's elopement in Copenhagen and I was delighted when they asked me to capture their celebration in Düsseldorf, Germany in August.  This is Amelie, her granddaughter waiting for the arrival of guests.  The celebration took place at La Passion du Vin.  It was such a lovely and quaint location, perfect for a relaxed intimate celebration.

Guests were arriving on and off and here is Heike's youngest son arriving with a gift for the couple.  Here are some of my favourite images from the day.  It was hard to choose, but looking through these again reminded me what a loved couple Heike and Artur are. 

The candy bar was done by Kira Weiler and it was a treat for children and adults alike.

The venue, friendly staff and food had a distinct French feel to it, and the relaxed guests added to this wonderful ambiance.

Every bite was sublime and looking at the above image, my mouth starts to water when I think of the delicious food that was served.

All the children were adorable, but this little guy above made my heart melt.

The cake and desserts made by Dolcinella not only looked beautiful but tasted divine.

After everyone gathered together for a group photo, Heike proceeded with a speech.  As my German is very limited I didn't get it all, but everyone's faces told a tale of its own.  

There was dancing and laughter.  The piano man, Markus Goosmann, with his blue swede shoes didn't stop playing his tune and everyone was merry.  It truly was a wonderful and joyous occasion.  Artur and Heike are such generous and kind people.  They invited my whole family to come along, but I opted to just bring my husband as I was afraid my children might deter me from doing my job.  They made my husband and I feel like old friends.

Heike's three special men in her life, Artur and her two sons, Johannes and Nicolas.

Artur and Heike, may you always remember the love shared on this special day.  Wishing you a lifetime of love!

The Sturino Family....Christianshavn

In August this year I got to capture the Sturino family.  Laura contacted me via my Facebook Page as she had seen some of my work.  She loved the backdrop of the 'Danish Girl' movie and was hoping to get the feel of a Copenhagen backdrop for their shoot.  

In my research and photo scouting I found that Christianshavn might just encompass the kind of architecture and feeling she was after, even though none of the scenes from the movie were shot there.  

This was their last weekend in Copenhagen before heading back to the US.  I had never met them until the day of our shoot and they were such a pleasure to photograph. Easy going, fun and definitely a family with a sense of humor.

I believe the boys even got to catch a few Pokemons on the shoot and at one point everyone was laughing at Pokemons dancing on my feet.

Copenhagen Elopement.....

This summer I got to photograph my very first elopement and I loved every minute of it!  Then again, Heike and Artur are the sweetest couple.  So spending the afternoon with them was my delight.  Heike and Artur live in Düsseldorf, Germany and one of her childhood friends that now reside in Denmark gave her my details.  The funny thing is that when we started communicating over email I was amazed to hear that Heike was South African and originally comes from Paarl in the Western Cape, the place I was born.

I met them at their hotel and from there they took a rickshaw to Copenhagen City Hall.  What an original idea. After the ceremony they couldn't wait to call family and share the good news. From there we wandered into the cobbled streets on our way to Kompa'9the cutest cafe in Kompagnistræde. 

 As we were strolling along a brass band was playing and being the spontaneous people that they are, Heike threw her bouquet into the crowd and they started dancing. What a great couple!  People were cheering, and loved it! 

Heike's beautiful bouquet was made by Vilde Violer.  Such a wonderful concept of organic flowers planted and harvested in Denmark.

The afternoon ended with champagne and tapas at Kompa'9.  A few weeks after, they wanted to know how I would feel about flying to Germany, to photograph their wedding celebration with family and friends.  Needless to say I was delighted.  I cannot wait to share the images of their wedding celebration with you.  Artur and Heike, thank you again for a wonderful afternoon spent photographing such a special moment in your lives.

The Jinson Family...Pregnancy Shoot.

This summer I photographed the sweetest, hospitable family.  Vishu is pregnant with her second baby and awaiting the arrival of their baby soon. She wanted me to capture their family of 3 at the moment in this special time.

Tabitha is the most adorable little girl, full of smiles.  Whilst waiting for her and Vishu to change their outfits, I was offered an Indian treat and some sweet Indian tea.

After our stroll, Vishu took a well deserved break and I couldn't help but capture a few intimate moments. 

Gitte....Creative Business Portraits.

Gitte is a freelance journalist and I was delighted when she contacted me this summer to do her business portraits.  She wanted to meet at Espergærde beach, and it proved to be the perfect location.  She had clear ideas about what she wanted to wear and her friend, Kristina Henriksen, did her beautiful make up.  However, what stands out most in these images is how relaxed she is in front of the camera. 

Creative Business Portraits ©Rochelle Coote

Thank you Gitte for a delightful late afternoon spent photographing you, and thank you to Kristina for the beautiful make up and for taking some behind the scenes images of me on this shoot.  You can see them on my facebook page.  Rather funny seeing myself at work.

Creative Business Portraits ©Rochelle Coote
Creative Business Portraits ©Rochelle Coote
Creative Business Portraits ©Rochelle Coote

After receiving her photographs Gitte shared some on facebook and her words were really touching;  "I think standing in front of a camera can be overstepping a boundary, that was until I met Rochelle Coote. I don't know anything about cameras, lighting, angles etc., but I know it is not only that, it is also about the eye that sees, confidence and trust.  This I have in her, even when she has the camera so close to my face, which is definitely overstepping a boundary. However, not with Rochelle behind the camera.  And then she is just so sweet.  I have a pile of beautiful photos which I feel are a reflection of the real me."