All images by talented Canberra Photographer, Gemma Farrell.

All images by talented Canberra Photographer, Gemma Farrell.

Hi there,

I'm Rochelle, an African living in Denmark. Born and raised in South Africa I decided to venture forth, aged 21, and tour Europe with my best friend. After seeing Europe through the eyes of our 1975 Bedford Camper van, he asked me to marry him, and as one would say the rest is history.  We never returned home, but lived in England for many years before moving to Denmark.  We have two spirited boys who we love more than this world and even though Africa still runs through our veins, Denmark is the place we now call home, and we love it!

Ever since I was a little girl I've been attracted to beautiful images and photography. My parents had a large animal picture coffee table book and I still vividly remember hours and hours of paging through it.  I also recall weekends rummaging through all our old photographs with my dad that were kept in an old trunk. My mum would get so frustrated with us making a mess, and today I am the proud owner of all those antique photographs, some of which proudly hang on my walls.  I  studied Interior Design in London but somehow, somewhere along the line I realised it wasn't only the decorating and styling I loved so much but also creating the actual image. Creating images has been the beginning of a never ending love story for me.

I am a people person and I love families and children, couples in love and beautiful candid moments shared between people. Other than capturing formal portraits I love capturing real moments and believe I have the ability to make people and especially children feel relaxed and at ease.  I am a natural light photographer and I shoot on location and can therefore meet you at your home, park or a location of special meaning to you.

I'm creative, naturally a little quirky, romantic and I love nature.  I live close to a lake and I feel blessed to have a wonderful supportive family that get me and my quirks.  When I'm not photographing, I can be found baking something sweet, foraging for wild flowers or kayaking on the lake with my 3 gorgeous guys.  Please write me and tell me your photographic needs.... I'd love to capture it!