Capturing a photographer and her family....

Gemma, like me, is a lifestyle and children's photographer.  I have followed her on Instagram for a long time and wanted her to capture me with my family.  As a family and lifestyle photographer myself, I believe family portraits are a valuable investment, and wanted a professional to do the job. :)  In my opinion capturing family life, especially the early years, is a treasure children will thank their parents for one day.  

She not only photographed me and my clan, but in the end I captured her and her precious family too.  As they were heading back to Australia after 3 years in Denmark, it was the perfect opportunity for me to capture a little slice of their family life in Copenhagen.

Gemma used to be a Botanist before turning to photography as a profession, hence she wanted some portraits at the Botanical Gardens.  It proved to be a really sunny day and we made use of lots of shade and green spaces.  Gemma and I connected so much and ended up meeting each other rather a few times before their move.  I am happy to say I made a lovely photographer friend, but truly sad that they will now be living on the opposite side of the world.  We have vowed to keep in touch.  

The afternoon ended with an early dinner at one of Copenhagen's cozy pizza restaurants.  I also snapped a few professional images for Gemma.  

Australia you are getting a true Gem of a Child Photographer.  Pun intended. ;)  Gemma you will truly be missed, by me and all your loyal customers here in Copenhagen. :)  Wishing you and your gorgeous family all the best for the future with many adventures. :)