Artur and Heike's wedding celebration, Düsseldorf....

Earlier this year I captured Artur and Heike's elopement in Copenhagen and I was delighted when they asked me to capture their celebration in Düsseldorf, Germany in August.  This is Amelie, her granddaughter waiting for the arrival of guests.  The celebration took place at La Passion du Vin.  It was such a lovely and quaint location, perfect for a relaxed intimate celebration.

Guests were arriving on and off and here is Heike's youngest son arriving with a gift for the couple.  Here are some of my favourite images from the day.  It was hard to choose, but looking through these again reminded me what a loved couple Heike and Artur are. 

The candy bar was done by Kira Weiler and it was a treat for children and adults alike.

The venue, friendly staff and food had a distinct French feel to it, and the relaxed guests added to this wonderful ambiance.

Every bite was sublime and looking at the above image, my mouth starts to water when I think of the delicious food that was served.

All the children were adorable, but this little guy above made my heart melt.

The cake and desserts made by Dolcinella not only looked beautiful but tasted divine.

After everyone gathered together for a group photo, Heike proceeded with a speech.  As my German is very limited I didn't get it all, but everyone's faces told a tale of its own.  

There was dancing and laughter.  The piano man, Markus Goosmann, with his blue swede shoes didn't stop playing his tune and everyone was merry.  It truly was a wonderful and joyous occasion.  Artur and Heike are such generous and kind people.  They invited my whole family to come along, but I opted to just bring my husband as I was afraid my children might deter me from doing my job.  They made my husband and I feel like old friends.

Heike's three special men in her life, Artur and her two sons, Johannes and Nicolas.

Artur and Heike, may you always remember the love shared on this special day.  Wishing you a lifetime of love!